Vinhomes Golden River apartment

Day post: 02-07-2017
Vinhomes Golden River is built on Ba Son land located on the Saigon River, right in the heart of District 1 should also known as Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son
Vinhomes Golden River apartment is an investment channel for the real estate market in Saigon to bring a new rush to investors for all customers from investment needs to rental apartments for or Needs to stay.
VINHOMES GOLDEN RIVER: With a total land area of 25.29 hectares, construction density: 18.6% with the scale of high-end urban complexes including Trade Center, Serviced Apartment, Apartment, Most 5 stars and villas.
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Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son Apartment is divided into 4 main subdivisions as follows:
+ The Front Zone: Including 3 apartment towers from Front 1 - Front 3 (F1, F2, F3)
The Luxury Zone: Includes 6 apartment towers from Luxury 1 - Luxury 6 (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6)
+ The Aqua Zone: Includes 4 apartment towers from Aqua 1 - Aqua 4 (A1, A2, A3, A4)
+ The Victoria area: includes 64 super-luxury villas.
From 8 to 12 apartments per floor, standard 1 apartment / 1 elevator. Low-E glass house as a whole The Landmark 81 Floor, central air conditioning ...
Vinhomes Golden River apartment connects traffic with the area around the city flexible and convenient both Road, Waterway, urban railway easy to get to the center of Saigon, own two frontage road, 1 river frontage and more especially next to Terminal 3 of the Metro line.
Vinhomes Golden River apartment is a very right choice, an ideal residence in the center of District 1. You and your loved ones will experience, enjoy a flawless lifestyle, Trendy, sustainable over time.
Vinhomes Golden River fulfills all elements, requirements from unique gold location, perfect service, 5 star service, etc ... to bring high profitability to customers.
Invest in a Vinhomes Golden River apartment for about $ 8-10 billion, you can rent with an average price of $ 2500 - $ 3000.
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- One-Bedroom Apartment occupies 17%: from 3.8-4 sqm / unit (from 49.5 to 50.9 m2)
- 2 bedroom apartments occupy 50%: from 5.5 - 7s / unit (from 68.6 to 83.2 m2)
- 3, 4 bedroom apartments occupy 33%: from 8-12 billion / unit (from 109.1 to 121.4 m2)
If you are looking apartment for rent in Vinhomes Golden River please contact me at Tel: (84) 0938 22 99 09 / (84) 0989 559 446 for more information.