Vinhome dragon bay in Ha Long

Day post: 17-03-2017
In recent 5 years, Quang Ninh tourism has made a strong change. Partially blessed geographic location, partly due to investment orientation infrastructure for development of tourism services are focused investment in a uniform and effective way to develop strong services. travel.
Vinhomes Dragon Bay is designed as a 3-in-1 combination of residential, commercial and holiday homes, where business activities cater to the needs of both tourists and the general public. local. Vinhomes Dragon Bay not only provides value-added services and class to customers but also ensure sustainable profitability for investors because this place welcomes tens of millions of visitors every year.
The highlight of the project is the shophouse, Vinhomes Dragon Bay is not only located in the strategic administrative center of Quang Ninh Province but also close to the crowded residential area busiest trade for hundreds of years. This advantage will help Vinhomes commercial townhouse model create the effect of "oil spill", pulling customers who are used to shopping in the neighborhood to the booth of their class and soon become "Paradise of entertainment and shopping".

Total area of ​​urban area is 68.35 hectares; It is divided into three zones:
Shop house area: 3,95ha with 380 units;
Royal Park: Centrally located: It is centrally located into three zones HG1, HG2, HG3;
My Gia area: It is divided into 5 zones from MG 01 to MG05;
Phu Gia Zone: Classified as 4 zones PG01 to PG04;


The apartments are designed in neoclassical style mixed with sports area, Vinmec Hospital, green park and Shophouse shopping system bring you 39 conveniences and services (details in the picture below).