Tower Housinco Grand Tower in Ha Noi

Day post: 17-03-2017
Housinco Grand Tower Nguyen Apartment is a 27-storey architectural consultancy firm of ERA, with modern, luxurious architecture of 5 star standard, including 2 floors of services including swimming pool Four seasons, gym, spa ... supermarket and other utilities.
Housing Grand Tower is located in a new urban area in the south west of Hanoi, which is built in a modern and synchronous manner in terms of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure, with projects already underway and being implemented as urban areas. The Manor Central Park, Chu Van An park, the new urban area southwest of Kim Giang ... The project area promises to be a vibrant and modern urban space in the near future.
From floor 3 to floor 27, the layout of the apartment is suitable and the design team is knowledgeable about feng shui, creating a good air circulation space when the corridor welcomes the southeast wind along the main transportation axis. Natural air is always filled with air and light.
The apartments range from 62m2 to 176m2 with 2 to 4 bedrooms, meeting all needs of customers. Sophisticated design to the small details to optimize the area of ​​use that still has a modern interior space to perfect conditions for your lifestyle choices.
Special at the Housinco Grand Tower that no condominium building has, the investor knows what the residents are doing and has a strong, innovative way of bringing community space to each floor of the apartment where the apartment Can exchange, young children have amusement space, bold cultural atmosphere of east Asia.