Day post: 15-03-2017

The villa Vinhomes Central Park is a villa located in the heart of a green park with an area of 14 hectares. The Vinhomes center park has a total area of 3.65 hectares consisting of single and double villas, ranging from 200-700sq.m, neoclassical, villas are all surrounded by courtyards. The garden and creek create a living space, separate but still in harmony with nature.


The Villa Vinhomes Central Park includes facilities such as cigar lounge, European and Asian restaurant, Jacuzzi hot water system. There are also 3 yachts available for parties, parties, or family birthday parties

Villa Vinhomes Central Park also come with 5 star standard services such as home health care and home care: home care, home medical buttons connected to Vinmec, home care services: Garden care, swimming pool maintenance, maintenance of machinery and equipment, car service, outdoor BBQ area, children's play area, tennis court, private swimming pool…


The Vinhomes Central Park villa is absolutely protected by security system with patrol guards, 24/7 surveillance camera system, intercon button home connected to the whole system.

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