The Monaco Vinhomes Imperia villas

Day post: 06-08-2017
Built in imperial style, The Monaco Vinhomes Imperia became a very different and splendid highlight in the complex of HOT in Hai Phong. With only 82 villas located along the banks of romantic Cam River, peaceful, this section is separate from the remaining subdivision, this is the convergence of the VIP 

vinhomes riverside

Splendid and lavish, sophisticated and sophisticated are the most appropriate words to talk about The Monaco. The villa has floor 1 up to 3m9, floor 2 & 3 maximum 3m6, customers can make tum but must ensure the total construction area does not exceed the coefficient of land use is 1.5 times. In case, guests want to build the basement must submit application PD of the investor. When the infrastructure is completed, roads, electricity, water, you will be handed over land for construction, if customers have signed the VBTT and pay 30% of pre-tax land, approved design and signed Construction contractor.
In particular, the water of Cam River flowing smoothly when the Monaco subdivision will be treated by a system of embankments built solidly surrounded by residential areas, lying under the water about 10 to 20 cm, to ensure I do not know the way to embank, ensure the beauty. Under the quintessential hand of the masters of Monaco villas will be like a miniature palace, which represents class and status unique.


The Monaco Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong is planned at a low density, only 50% should ensure space between the apartments. Residents living in this subdivision will always be kept private and quiet. The height of the first floor of the mansion is designed up to 3.9m and the other floors will be up to 3.6m high, which ensures ventilation for the Monaco Vinhomes Imperia as well as helping the owner Many chandeliers, elaborate fixtures on the ceiling can be arranged. Step into the mansion, you will feel very clearly the classic luxury style is ingeniously integrated in the modern European architecture, as the new beauty adds splendor to the living space of the owners rich man.
the monaco vinhmes imperia phong bếp

One of the differences at The Monaco Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong is the maximum isolation of this subdivision. Although located in the overall project, the Monaco subdivision is located in a separate guardhouse, all entrances and activities of distant guests or suburban residents are subject to the approval of the mansion owner. This will ensure the absolute safety and highest privacy available to all residents of The Monaco.