Smart apartments are increasingly popular in Ho Chi Minh City

Day post: 10-04-2017
From market research, customer surveys, Thanh Truong Loc Company finds that consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated. In an era of flat, open, east-west communications, homebuyers also have more information to reference from domestic standards and projects to foreigners, from the east to the south.
Smart design
Consequently, today's customers no longer close their eyes to buy houses according to the winged claims, but also know how to compare, evaluate the accuracy between the message and the reality. Loc Thanh Company welcomes this customer's prudent attitude because it is also the business style of the Company. Therefore, the company has built the project 4S Riverside Linh Dong according to the criteria for quality comprehensive - not only natural fresh from the window of the house has received the sunny and wind that the interior design The household is also reasonable, overflowing with wind and sunshine.
All apartments have natural light that overwhelms at least 70% of the area, without the use of daylight, 50% of the walls are exposed to wind. Particularly, private spaces such as the kitchen, living room, reading room ... are designed on a convenient space axis to increase the added value, maximize the ventilation of the house, increase the luxury and Beauty.
The subject of the outside natural environment and internal design in mind, investors complete the apartment block D building with the materials and equipment of the famous brands, creating prestige. Long term durability in the market, both aesthetic and appropriate functions.
Smart investment
For customers who buy apartments, the consideration of the overall quality of the apartment is a matter of course because of the health-related accommodation, comfort, and convenience. From the elements of the river environment, distance from the center, design of the whole building, the whole project and inside each apartment of 4S Riverside Linh Dong project can satisfy the needs of the residents.
For investors, the Riverside 4S Riverside project also expects to meet the expectations of customers by many factors. First of all, with the quality of high-class apartments, the price is only slightly higher than the average apartment in the same area. This will be proven when customers learn about the price of 4S Riverside East compared to the prices of other projects in the area and the quality survey of apartments.
In addition, due to favorable traffic, the price of houses and apartments in this area has been increasing continuously for many years. Many families, especially young families, hunt for houses, villas with the price of over 1.5 billion per legal legally clear to be supported by banks. But because the area has large areas of public works planning, the number of houses and apartments is not high. In fact, the resale price of apartments in Block A, B, C Riverside Apartment 4S Linh Linh so far has increased to 30% - 40% of the original selling price of the original. Another project invested by Thanh Truc district in Thu Duc district has also increased by 300% since the house was delivered several years ago.
In addition, the area surrounding the Riverside 4S Riverside project is planned to be one of the future tourist destinations. The 4S Riverside luxury apartment is also suitable for homestay homestay type. In addition, the landlord can lease long-term to meet the needs of those who have the tide of "migrating" in the city because the residents around the project also bold rustic village water village of ancient Sai Gon , One of the elements that young people of Saigon romance is seeking to explore.
Source: Trithuctre