Serviced Apartment SweetHome For Rent In District 1, 55sqm, Luxury Furniture

Sweet Home District 1 is the perfect choice for you to enjoy life safety cylinder piles, quiet, beautiful area of ​​55m2, 1 bedroom, 1WC, rents only $ 900
Located on Tran Nhat Duat Street District 1, not only convenient for travel, but also the ideal cool climate.

Apartment Sweet Home is the best choice if you want to stay home to clean air, quiet but not too far away from modern life with the necessary facilities for the needs of an active lifestyle.
Serviced Apartments Tran Nhat Duat Street location is very convenient for those who work near the center of District 1 and District 3.
System LED lighting makes everything becomes more and more luxurious. Instead of tight walls, the room are variations at all angles when they are patterned wallpaper luxury, while the large window directly connected airy balconies. After the pressures of everyday life, is immersed in a relaxed space makes life more meaningful parts.
Kitchen and dining room is the place to show the quality of life. With the modernization of high-grade wood, the equipment in the kitchen really is the ideal place to enjoy culinary everyday life.

System wall cabinets, parquet luxury, the same system and the large balcony door tong bedroom integrated with a separate toilet is actually the ideal place kidney enjoy relaxed moments, peace in every deep sleep . With its robust design in your bedroom or living room dynamism in apartments really attractive for the young or those with a modern lifestyle. Living room and bedrooms are very well decorated spacious, white glow in elegant tones, combined with glossy colors, the cool of premium wood floors. Submersible LED system offers a truly contemporary spaces and warm family atmosphere.

Price: $ 900 (Internet service, cable TV, water, sanitation 6 times 1 week, security 24/24 ..)