secrets for profitable apartment

Day post: 10-01-2017
Paul Mason explained, need to rent luxury apartments soared, the market real estate investment rental rapid development and become the investment channels have high profitability performance against gold, foreign currency and savings . This form is suitable for investors with idle funds, not adventurous.
Investors mainly retail customers to buy apartments, but no need for customers to buy now or second apartment. The investment in rental housing in the area thriving Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, My Dinh, Tay Ho (Hanoi) ..., where many foreigners work.
Keller Williams Chairman of Vietnam said that the decision to buy an apartment for rent, investors need to make sure the value of apartments will increase or not lose value over time. The apartments of this type has a prime location, in accordance with the object lease, ensure the quality, reputation, service ...
To do that, the project owner must to investors saw little to worry about renting one. For example, apartments are fully furnished, security services, sanitation and other utilities are always a factor in many customers preferred. These apartments perfect, can be exploited for rent now to increase the efficiency of the cash flow. Investment apartment to rent to exclude the project behind schedule, priority delivery and home immediately clear legal procedure.
"The object is also an issue lease. If the lease to foreigners, should clearly identify the elements of their culture. Asians as Japanese tourists, Korean lifestyle, layout ... other Europeans, "said Paul Mason said.
Besides, investors should pay attention to the quality of life and services of real estate projects for rental for high-end customers are always demanding on the environment, the surrounding utilities, civilized community where they come.
Mr. Mason said, in cities such as Jakarta or Bangkok development, new housing springing up constantly, so over time, the value of the old projects will be reduced. Vietnam market in recent years also tend to like that. When making decisions, investors should really consider this factor.
In Vietnam, he appreciated the Dolphin Plaza project is located on Nguyen Hoang, the new center west of Hanoi. Dolphin has designed stylish Singapore, Vietnam suit.
"For many projects, the investor trying to make full use of land for construction, even, many children's rooms had no windows. But in the Dolphin Plaza, all the rooms are airy windows "said Paul Mason shared.
Dolphin Plaza contribute connect residents with the natural habitat. Here, the flow of air and light circulation, move between the towers. This project helps to add value in the future.
"All these factors show that the efforts of the investor when to bring a better living environment for residents. With good performance, the project will not even go down over time," Mr. Mason said nail.