Sai gon pearl apartment review

Day post: 13-03-2017
Sai gon Pearl apartment is located in a green architectural complex for you to enjoy life in a special ecological environment in the urban area near the river.
Located in the most crowded area of ​​Saigon, the apartment is located near the Thu Thiem bridge and connects directly to Thu Thiem new urban area. Saigon Pearl owns an extremely prime location without Another project is comparable.
You probably also heard the saying: "Most myopic short, near the river" Location of saigon pearl apartment is a place to bring clean living space so also called Sai gon Pearl apartment meets Fully equipped for living needs with the facilities and utilities 5 star standard.
With features such as:
1. Private and quiet space in the heart of the city
All Sai Gon Pearl apartments are located away from the main roads of the city to ensure quiet and fresh air for residents. In addition, public areas such as swimming pools, parks, marina, marina, tennis court are planned along the Saigon River to help residents use both convenience and enjoy the peaceful beauty. & Enjoy the freshness of Saigon river.
Each apartment in Saigon Pearl can always see the harmonious scenery of the natural landscape is ideal for those who love a peaceful environment of peaceful ecology without being separated from the life of the city. Market.
2. Apartment complex and commercial services
The saigon pear apartment consists of six 37-storey apartments, ranging from 2 to 3 bedrooms and a total area of ​​90 to 140 square meters.
The 5 star service and the endless enjoyment of Sai Gon Pearl apartments will satisfy all your wishes. A range of high-end amenities of international standard include the large shopping mall with many famous fashion boutiques, the Central Mark supermarket and Uma's home furnishings. There are restaurants, wine bars, cafes such as Pearl cafe, MFO ... and health care, beauty, relaxation.

3. Europe's advanced educational environment
International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) is established to meet the learning needs of the expat community, overseas Vietnamese & Vietnamese living in the area. In addition, the quality of training compliant with the strict US standards ensures that all ISSP students are educated and engaged in a best-practice combined educational environment.
4. Sports, exercise and beauty
Sai Gon Pearl Hotel, the largest and most modern Sai Gon Pearl in Ho Chi Minh City, with an area of ​​3500m2 with the most advanced equipment in the technology industry, is Vietnam's leading club, The appeal to fitness, relaxation and rejuvenation, along with the social interactions it brings will promote a healthy and refreshing urban life.
Spa space gives you a feeling of relaxation, peace between a classic European-style space and wonderful Asian therapies that make you feel like you are in story 1001 a night.
5. Green space
For the purpose of creating a perfect living value, Sai gon Pearl is the largest tree density project in Vietnam. The main roads & central areas in each building are filled with natural green. You live in harmony with nature & enjoy the fresh air.