Refer to the price of some apartments for rent in Saigon Peal

Day post: 27-09-2017
Saigon Pearl, owned by Vietnam Land SSG Ltd, consists of 6 37-floor apartments, Saigon Pearl International Primary School and high class shopping complex and multi-storey car park.
Not only bring a living space peace, self, Saigon Pearl also meet the needs of living standard with the facilities and utilities 5 star standard, worthy of pride for you a "paradise true on the ground ".
The apartments at Saigon Peal are located on the Saigon River. All blocks are located away from traffic routes to ensure quiet and fresh air for residents. In addition, public areas such as swimming pools, parks, etc. are planned along the Saigon River to help residents use the facilities while admiring the peaceful beauty and enjoy the the fresh of the Saigon River.
Views from Saigon Pearl apartment always show a natural space, elegant in a whole space of architecture is planned scientifically to show all the beauty of the natural landscape.
Below is some information on the rental price of Saigon Peal apartment. When you need a particular apartment, please call us for details about the apartment and price as per your request. Depending on each apartment there is a map or not where the price can be differentiated as the price list below.

Area Bedrooms No Bathrooms No Price (USD)
86 2 2 900-1300
90 2 2 1000-1350
96 2 2 1100-1350
99 3 3 900-1400
140 3 3 1400-1600

Below is a representative image of the apartments available for rent in Saigon peal

căn hộ cho thuê sai gon peal 1

căn hộ cho thuê sai gon peal 2

căn hộ cho thuê sai gon peal 3

căn hộ cho thuê sai gon peal  4

căn hộ cho thuê sai gon peal 5

căn hộ cho thuê sai gon peal 6

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