Price for renting apartments 1 bedroom in District 1

Day post: 16-12-2017
Besides the high-end and low-end apartments, demand for 1-bedroom apartments in District 1 also has many foreigners looking for rent.
The reason for foreigners to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in District 1 is due to working conditions, research and study in the short term.
This group of clients usually choose apartments close to the center and workplaces, not sophisticated in terms of high-end furnishings, they need a quiet and independent place to relax, relax after a day. tired.
The rent of one-bedroom apartments in District 1 ranges from US $ 300 to US $ 650 per month depending on the location, furniture and type of serviced apartment.
Below is the rental price of some 1 bedroom apartments in District 1
Area Type of apartment Price
60 m2 Le Thi Rieng Street 600 USD/month
55 m2 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street 750 USD/month
50 m2 Thao dien 600 USD/month
50 m2 Phan Ngu Street 500 USD/month
36m2 Catmet Street 300 USD/month
35 m2 Hai Ba Trung Street 300 USD/month
30 m2 Ky Con Street 400 USD/month
30 m2 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street 400 USD/month
30 m2 Nguyen Van Thu Street 300 USD/month
30 m2 Co Giang Street 400 USD/month

When you need to rent an apartment in District 1, please send a letter asking for the number of bedrooms, area and solvency of you, we will find the location of the apartment for rent in district 1 merge for you.
It's pleasure to serve you!