Overview apartment in the Vinhomes Central Park

Day post: 05-03-2017

Recently, there are many customers asking about the location of the apartments in vinhom park. In order to meet these questions I would like to inventory the area of the center of vinhomes park include:

- The Landmark 81: is an integrated building comprising of commercial center, hotel, apartment, entertainment area such as cinema, observatory, swimming pool, gym, ice skating rink Indoors, bar stool. With a height of over 460m, the apartments range from 1 to 4 bedrooms.

- Vinhomes Landmark Apartment: divided into 6 blocks from landmark 1 to landmark 6: 1 bedroom apartment with area from 46 - 53m2; 2 bedroom apartment with an area of 75 to 91 m2; 3 bedroom apartment with area from 115 to 135 m3; Apartment 4 sleeps sleeping area 140 to 154m2.

- Serviced Apartment: This is the SA Apartment (Serviced Apartment) or Landmark Plus because it is located in the Vinhomes Landmark area.

- The Vinhome Cental: The apartments are divided into 3 blocks, from Central 1 to Central 3: including 1-4 bedroom apartments, Shophouse, Penthouse.

- Vinhomes Park Apartments: Classified as 7 parks from The Park 1 to The Park 7

Hopefully with the above information, you can easily visualize and choose a position suitable for the image below.

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