Need to know when renting apartments foreigner

Day post: 04-12-2017
The necessary procedures
Business registration: It is considered as a business activity for an individual (Vietnamese or foreign) to conduct business registration in the form of a business household can As a business, you must declare taxes: excise taxes, personal income tax, value added tax.
Procedures for temporary residence declaration for tenants at local police offices and provincial / city police offices.
Procedures for tax code registration: After obtaining the certificate of business registration, the lessor must register the tax code.
Procedures for buying retail invoices: Because they are not legal entities, the business households need to make procedures for buying / selling invoices directly at the Tax Department.
In addition, individual business households must complete the procedures for the issuance of certificates of eligibility for security and order and the confirmation of apartments qualified for fire prevention and fighting can rent apartments.
According to the regulations, the conditions for foreigners to rent houses / apartments in Vietnam must be allowed to enter Vietnam for three consecutive months or more. The lease and lease must be made in a contract, the contract must be made in writing. If the lease term is 6 months or more, the contract must be notarized at the State notary office or local notary office.
Ensure rental conditions
As a rule, apartments for rent must ensure the conditions: apartment must have specific address, outside the security and defense area. Separate, not shared or shared with other apartments. Structural safety. Ensuring the conditions of security, order, environmental sanitation, fire prevention and fighting. There is no dispute over ownership and use rights.
Quality matches the price
Prices of apartments for foreigners are often very high, ranging from $ 1,000 - $ 1,500 / month with apartments with 2, 3 bedrooms, area from 90m2 - 110m2; The larger apartments, prices can be up to $ 2,000 - $ 2,500 per month.
Because of the high price so the requirements of the tenants are also more strict. The high-end apartments with self-contained facilities, fully integrated services, meet the needs of living will be more attractive to foreigners. In addition, living space also plays an important role in the decision to rent apartments: apartments must be clean, well managed, large apartments, beautiful design, high-end interior will easily impress with more foreigners. If you have decided to invest in this type, make strong choice of good apartments or find professional architects to have interior design ideas to help your apartment become more valuable in the eyes of the guests. hire foreigners
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