Luxury Apartment Da Nang handed over in July 2017

Day post: 16-06-2017
Da Nang is the economic center of Central Vietnam with a strong economic development, infrastructure, especially tourism infrastructure, resulting in the number of tourists flocking to this coastal city increasingly . According to Da Nang Tourism Department, in May 2017, the total number of visitors to the city is estimated at 612,922 arrivals, up 46.8% over the same period in 2016.
Therefore, although the total supply of the apartment market is currently around 7,000 units, seven times more than in previous years, but still attractive. For example, at the Luxury Apartment project, the developer says it has sold more than 70% of its apartments. In addition to the majority of Vietnamese investors, there are also customers from many countries in the world such as Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA, France ... With high profitability, stability and investment value Reasonable, Luxury Apartment brings high satisfaction to guests when choosing a project to invest.
Da Nang has the advantage of being a rare tourist destination, a city worth living in the country, where important socio-economic events take place. Has helped Da Nang have a special attraction "waving" real estate investors.
At the same time, room occupancy rates for coastal projects are particularly high, with an average of around 75-80% (peak times of 95-100%), with a stay of 2 to 2.5 nights. right. The investment in high-end projects is now considered to have great potential, meeting the increasing demand of resort guests on the calendar when coming to the city.
Being one of the few 5 star projects to be built and built to international standards right on My Khe Beach, Luxury Apartment Danang owns extraterrestrial design from world-class architect Salvador Perez Arroyo. In addition, the project also meets the best five-star quality standards in the world with high end amenities. In particular, the selection of real estate management group in the world Savills guarantee value in terms of long term as well as the liquidity of Luxury Apartment. Therefore, right from the launch in March 2016, Luxury Apartment has been attracted investors as a phenomenon of real estate in the luxury segment.
Owning a Luxury Apartment - My Khe Five-star apartment project is really a smart choice. This also makes Luxury Apartment a costly project, bringing good business results as well as increasing value apartments for real estate investors.
Luxury Apartment is on the list of seven projects that have completed legal procedures and are open for sale, announced by the Department of Construction Da Nang. Therefore, in addition to being granted the red book, the owner can actively put the apartment into the investment plan immediately after the handover.
Compared with other projects in the Son Tra area, the highlight of Luxury Apartment is that customers do not have to worry about the progress of the project. Currently, the Luxury Apartment has been completed and will be handed over to the owner in July 2017. So, right after the money goes down, the owner can put the apartment into use or join the investment program with immediate cash flow.

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