Lancaster Lincoln Apartment District 4

Day post: 13-08-2017
Located in the heart of District 4, Lancaster Lincoln Apartments are not centrally located as serviced apartments in District 1 but meet the highest standards of architectural design, refined interiors and quality conference rooms. Live only in Lancaster Lincoln apartment
The 39-storey Lincoln Building is not only the tallest building icon in District 4, but also boasts the highest number of 696 units and 298 Office-tel units. The whole is located in two towers with apartments arranged from the 9th floor upwards.

Lancaster Lincoln Apartment

Floor 9 - 29: 12 floor / floor
Floor 30 - 34: 9 floors / floor
Floor 35 - 37: 7 floors / floor
Floor 38 - 39 (Penthouse) + RF garden: 4 floors / floor
40th Floor Technical layout of elevator & yard roof garden serviced below
Floor 9 - 29: 10 floors / floor
Floor 30 - 34: 7 floors / floor
Floor 35 - 37: 5 floors / floor
Floor 38 - 39 (Penthouse) + RF garden: 4 floors / floor
Floor 40: Layout of elevators & roof garden for serviced apartments below
The underlying floors are used for general space purposes:
Ground floor space for park, green trees, parking lot behind the building, elevator lobby for commercial area.
The 2nd to 7th floor is for business, office-tel & hotel, community living room, lobby, corridor and space for residents.
8th floor: Include office-tel part & hotel, garden, swimming pool, food court, utilities, hallway.
 Apartments Lancaster Lincoln locate
Lancaster Lincoln's amenities include: 400m2 spill pool; BBQ Area; Outdoor garden; Play area for children; Community living room; Function Room for guests to hold a banquet for up to 30 people; Walk around the project; Commercial centers, dining accommodations and art exhibitions; Spa, Jacuzzi, gym, yoga room.
In terms of objectivity, my evaluation of the Lancaster Lincoln apartment project is not inferior to District 1 in the near future. Especially at Lancaster Lincoln apartment you are living in a space designed in the style of modern architecture, luxury, harmony to receive the sunshine and direct fresh breeze from the open Saigon river, Directional view of the center of District 1, in front of the romantic Saigon River, across the river is peninsula.
Apartments in Lancaster Lincoln include:
1 bedroom 50m2;
2 bedrooms area from 62m2 - 69m2 or
3 bedrooms area from 89m2 - 109m2
4 bedrooms area from 119m2 - 143m2
 Apartments in Lancaster Lincoln
Lancaster Lincoln Apartments are furnished with luxurious, modern furnishings, living room area and bedroom with wooden floor; Kitchen equipment provided by BOSCH / AKAI; With full sanitary ware of Spain and NOKEN.
Lancaster Lincoln's home was designed by Vietnamese American architecture designer Ngo Quang Hien in an Art Deco style that symbolized the Empire State Building in downtown New York City. This is an ideal retreat, and also a high investment opportunity for investors buying and selling apartments in Ho Chi Minh City.