Day post: 26-05-2017
The Lakeview City Novaland project is a new multi-functional urban area with complete technical infrastructure and transport infrastructure, providing a modern, classy living space for customers.
Lakeview City is a 30.1 hectare residential area in Rach Rach Chiec residential area
Lakeview City District 2 is a rare project in the convergence of a full range of in-house amenities: shopping centers, entertainment, health care; Children's play area, swimming pool, sports and community activities, tight security system ...
Lakeview City will also invest in a cluster of schools at all levels of international standards, ensuring a civilized and quality living environment for its residents.
The most prominent feature in the Lakeview City utility chain is the 3.6 hectare lakescape and large park area, which plays the role of climate regulator and landscaping.
So, no need to look forward to a year's holiday, Lakeview City Novaland residents can turn every day back home into a holiday in the green space, leisurely BBQ by the lake or shopping in the populations The most luxurious shop house.

The total of 963 units (commercial townhouses, townhouses & villas)
1st floor: supermarket
2nd floor: restaurant
3rd Floor: GYM club
4th floor: pool + coffee
Lake view City is designed and planned by leading Japanese architects, creating a perfect living space, close to nature, bringing life and fortune into the house. The project includes the main functional areas:
Shop House Lakeview City is a model of a mixed-use business house located close to the main road such as Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway, crowded like Do Xuan Hop, creating an extremely convenient location for business, It is easy to attract the attention of project residents and people in the area. This is also a factor that contributes to the special highlight of the city of Lakeview City as more exciting and bustling.
Commercial Town House: (outside East Lake, front side of Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway). There are two types of houses A, B
Basic area: 5m x 20m
Construction: 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine, 3 floors
The area varies from 100m2 - 230m2
Townhouses: There are four types of houses A, B, C, D with
Basic area: 5m x 20m, 6m x 20m
Construction: 1 ground floor, 3 floors
Duplex villas: There are 3 types of houses A, B, C
Basic area: 8m x 20m
Construction: 1 ground floor, 2 floors
You can buy a place to live, relax for parents, or choose to invest in real estate, invest in houses, villas or apartment for rent in district 2.