Day post: 11-08-2017
The Ascent Lakeside apartment project is located at 70 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. With a total area of ​​19,509 square meters, the model is quite large. It is a project of interest in the present day because everyone wants to own an apartment with a full range of amenities to bring a perfect life for themselves.
The Ascent Lakeside apartment has a number of flats with a total of 624 units. This includes Block A1- A2 with 29 floors and Block B with 32 floors. With this scale, customers can comfortably choose their own apartment.
The building grounds are quite smart as satisfying the needs of customers. If you are eager to own an apartment at extremely affordable prices, the building conditions are extremely suitable for today's modern life. Future apartments will be a project that attracts many people's attention. Domestic and foreign investors can buy and invest to earn their own profits..
Pricing information is provided by the developer and is based on accurate notices. Of course, during the open sale process of Ascent Lakeside Apartments and associated policies may change at some point in time. However, you can rest assured that if any changes are made, the information will be updated as soon as possible at the website. You can leave us with contact information so you do not miss out and do not fall victim to the news too late.
The South, especially apartments in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City are experiencing dramatic growth in terms of infrastructure, social facilities, population displacement ... These factors help the market. The real estate market has grown tremendously and achieved a lot of success. The projects are constantly springing up in the South but still not enough to meet the needs of settlement and investment of customers. A lot of people turned to this area and for a long time still did not find the right project ... until the Ascent Lakeside Apartments came into being.

This is a high-class apartment project, but it does not just provide accommodation (108 units) but also a large number of office-tel (72 units) - the type of office Great, designed both to open offices just to stay (overnight stay). Therefore, when the project was aired, it attracted many investors. With the potential of luxury apartments and office-tel apartments, Ascent Lakeside easily falls into the spotlight of professional real estate investors, when it can be exploited for residents to rent, and can Exploit the company to rent office.
According to the official announcement from the investor, the products in the project will be offered at the price of 28 million to 33 million m2. Based on the size of the Ascent Lakeside Apartments ranging from 80m2 - 119m2, you can calculate the price of the product you intend to purchase on your own.
Ascent Lakeside apartments according to experts have reasonable price, competitive with District 7
The price at 33 million back, compared with other projects in the South Saigon area, especially in District 7 is not high, even very reasonable and can be more competitive. With the potential to increase property prices attractive and quality of the work is assured, the Ascent Lakeside has a friendly sale price will encourage customers to trade a lot. The fact that the project has been opened for sale before and the number of apartments in the first phase was offered was quickly put off by investors. Trading volume exceeded initial expectations, contributing to the special appeal of Ascent Lakeside District 7.
Also according to the announcement from the investor, open sale policy is applied very favorably to customers. Accordingly, buyers only need to pay 30% in advance to be able to become the owner of the Ascent Lakeside Apartments. The remaining 70%, if unable to mobilize capital, customers will be supported by bank guarantee loans with low interest rates and long repayment period.
In addition, early booking customers also have the opportunity to receive the gift value up to hundreds of million, not to mention the preferential discount policy for guests, guests ...
Riva Park Apartments (504 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ward 18, District 4, adjacent to Ascent Lakeside) are priced from 33 million / m2.
- Grand Riverside Apartments (278 - 283 Ben Van Don, Ward 2, District 4) are priced from 35 million to 45 million / m2.
- Galaxy 9 Project (9 Nguyen Khoai, Ward 1, District 4), priced at 36 million / m2 or more.
- Icon Project 56 of Novaland (56 Ben Van Don, District 4) is even higher price, with 52 million / m2 or more ...
You can also compare other projects with District 7. In general, with the price of other projects near Ascent Lakeside Apartments, this work has a soft price policy, but the quality is not inferior.
This is a good investment channel for both landlords and tenants in District 7.
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