Introduction Topaz Elite Apartment District 8

Day post: 01-08-2017
Topaz Elite Apartment District 8 is located at 195 Cao Lo Street, Ward 4, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. The owner of Van Thai Land officially opened in 2017 on a larger scale than Topaz City.
Topaz City's second-phase apartment is named Topaz Elite, Kien said that Van Thai's developer has been developing projects with apartment chains called Topaz Garden (Topaz Garden, Topaz Center, Topaz City). , Topaz Home and latest is the Topaz Elite project).

Total area: 40,018 m2
Number of towers: 4 block apartment
Number of floors: 33 floors
Number of apartments: 2,339 apartments
Park area: over 16 hectares
Commercial center area: 60,000 m² (5 floors).
Building density: 39%
Currently referring to apartments in District 8, everyone knows the high-end apartment Giai Viet Chanh Hung. Thanks to the land of 4ha, Chanh Hung Giai Viet is planning a lot of high-class utilities for residents such as parks, swimming pools and commercial centers.
In the future, when referring to District 8, people will have to know Topaz Elite. With a land fund of up to 6ha (Topaz City + Topaz Elite) is greater than Chanh Hung Giai Viet area, so Topaz Elite has invested many utilities. Not only that, but the utilities at Topaz Elite are also "refined" to bring about impressive differences.
Garden 4 seasons around spring and autumn autumn and winter
The walkway is full of fragrant flowers
Tennis course
Outdoor sports machine system
Elite Mall International Elite Mall
Lobby lighting art community exhibition
Cinema, dining area, café terrace ...
Elite Beauty Center
Elite Fitness Center
Elite Business Lounge or Co-working space
Elite Clinic 24/7 Clinic
600m2 swimming pool inspired by the Atlantic Ocean
Children's playground system on land, under water
Elite Oasis Café
Zen Garden and Japanese tea ceremony
Sky bar & Sky Lounge
Another highlight of the Podium resort floor is the oasis cafe. This is a Singapore style gadget, the Ho Chi Minh City project is almost new at Capital Verde's Vista Verde. It is great to be a resident of the Topaz Elite apartment. Island "is surrounded by small streams and lush greenery.
Selling price of the opaz Elite 8 apartment about 25 million m2. Area of ​​Topaz Elite apartments mainly ranges from 70-80m2 so the price of Topaz Elite apartments area of ​​70-80m2 is about 1.8 billion-2 billion.