Introduction Project Time City Ha Noi

Day post: 08-12-2016
Times City Ha Noi project is built on a total area of ​​up to 364.500m2 with the idea of ​​a modern urban-style architecture of the National Singapore Island with 10ha area is reserved for green area and Lake.
apartment for rent in time city
This is a combination of luxury and class is designed for commercial centers and complexes 230.00m2 area including 23 buildings with a height of 27-35 floors, the area of ​​apartments from 53.4 - 160m2 consisting of 1-4 rooms sleep. The apartment buildings are studies designed to optimize the living space, the best leverage and light winds, the space cool in the summer.
In the region there is an international hospital Vinmec with preschools, elementary to care and cater for the needs of urban neighborhoods and surrounding areas

time city apartment for rent
The apartment of Times City apartments are designed in two styles with classic furnishings and modern to give a lot of customers. Alternative public service designed to ensure the aesthetics and comfort and fit diverse user needs of households.

there are also apartments for rent of these families have invested but unused