Introduction of Violet Tower

Day post: 26-12-2017
Violet Tower apartment is a high-rise apartment area of ​​the project of Sen Hong multi-functional housing project. The project covers more than 30,000 m2 including 2 main subdivisions. Low-rise houses with more than 80 townhouses have been completed and put into use.

The Lotus Apartment project with three towers is designed as three fresh buds reaching out to welcome the new sun. The apartment block consists of 3 apartment blocks with 23 floors with many facilities to meet the needs of residents of the whole project.
Violet Tower apartment consists of 300 apartments with flexible area from 38m2 to 52m2 and large areas at the commercial floor. Fully equipped for all needs such as Supermarket, Gym room, gym, swimming pool, ...
Designed in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. Each apartment here is a small shelter filled with natural light and the fresh air of the surrounding ecological system. The value that Violet Tower brings to its customers and prospective residents is not just an ordinary apartment, it is also a living value and a real difference in living standards.
Violet Tower apartment building is created by a system of services, value added and living space in harmony with nature. Violet Tower is considered not only an ideal environment for relaxation but also a safe investment opportunity with high profitability.