Bidhomes The Garden Hill Project Introduction

Day post: 02-09-2017
Bidhomes The Garden Hill is located in the heart of Hanoi, close to National Convention Center, National Stadium, National University, 19/8 Hospital, 42.9ha , University of Commerce, Big C Supermarket, Metro Supermarket ...
Bidhomes The Garden Hill is one of the "Hot" projects in the My Dinh area of Hanoi capital developed under the model of high-grade apartments, commercial centers and offices for rent.
Bidhomes The Garden Hill

The 4,224-square-meter The Garden Hill apartment complex consists of two main towers, 25-storey A tower, 29-storey tower B fully equipped with all utilities and perfect service. Both blocks are equipped with 14 high-speed elevators, Grade A office space, 2 basement garage with total area of ​​7,710 m2 with intelligent traffic management system.
The Garden Hill apartment
The project area of ​​375 apartments ranging in size from 57.8 square meters to 110 square meters is designed by sophisticated architects to create sophisticated, contemporary spaces of a high, warm and harmonious living environment. The nature is accompanied by a gym, a stroll, a cafeteria on the sixth floor, a children's amusement park ...
Bidhomes The Garden Hill 3
Bidhomes The Garden Hill is now offering for sale at just over 1 billion / apartment. This is considered a soft price and is suitable for medium-income families or for investors in rental apartments.
Bidhomes The Garden Hill
It is because of this potential development that the high-end apartment complex The Garden Hill is attracting attention not only from home buyers but also other investment and business companies to promote the deployment of commercial premises. at the project.

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