4 bedroom, modern apartment for rent in Vinhome Central Park

4 bedroom apartment for rent in Vinhome Central Central Park, fully furnished, modern design
Utilities reserved for residents and tenants of Vinhomes Central Park Apartments:
- Car basement (including basement motor B1, automobile B2, B3).
- Outdoor swimming pool and greenery in apartment blocks, sauna (free).
- Commercial premises under the Vinhomes apartment buildings.
- Saigon riverside park with 5-star marina is a highlight.
- Gym (free).
- Luxurious lounge lounge (5-star luxury guest lounge).
- Community house.
- Outdoor playground system (mini soccer field, tennis court, basketball court) (free of charge).
- Security and 24/7 surveillance camera system.
- Free support: management fees
- Price: $ 1700/ month