Apartment for rent - investments trend for 2017

Day post: 10-01-2017
Group VinGroup and accounted for 50% Novaland market share of medium and high-end apartments
The 2005, GDP per capita was about $ 700, often idle money poured into the first house to stay. But now he paints pointed out that the majority of idle money is pouring into buying high-quality apartments for rent, toward the resort real estate.
Nguyen Nam Son, representative of Vietnam Capital Partners each providing analysis on trends in Vietnam real estate investment, showed in attracting idle money channel change with GDP growth and incomes of citizens.

xu huogn dau tu bat dong san nam 2017


giao dich cac can ho

Surely one of us has heard of services in vacation ownership villas, resorts during the last 3 years. That's one of the new investment trends if you look at the chart above.
The major project of such prestigious investors Vingroup, Novaland, Sungroup, FLC, Him Lam, Phu My Hung, Vihajico, ... are selling. Vingroup 2015 alone has sold more than 12,600 housing types and numbers in Novaland is 6000 units. Estimates that 10 homebuyers last year's 5 Vingroup homebuyers and Novaland.
CBRE Vietnam said CEO Marc Townsend "real external demand, the demand for investment in rental housing are rising up the new markets created many senior secondary real estate supply to meet".
The fact the market from 2014 to the present, the number of real estate transactions soared. Incomplete statistics showed nearly 40,000 successful transactions in 2015, and about 15,300 transactions first half of 2016 increased by about 3 times compared with previous years difficult. In particular, trade boom in the premium segment.
2015 is the boom years of the project Central Park Apartments in New Port Vinhomes - Binh Thanh, this is considered a senior project ranks among the best in Vietnam and has attracted buyers in the South and is a product marking for Vingroup first step in Saigon.
Apartments price increase of 5-10%
So why investors to pour capital into senior apartments for rent middle? Experts say that there are 2 major factors:
One is, renting apartments is good and stable profitability. Rental income are in USD on average about 6-7% in HCMC and in Hanoi slightly lower around 5 -6%.
The rental market is quite stable in Vietnam for many years, as demand from foreign tenants, especially South Korea and Japan is quite high. Besides, in 2016 the average rent was increased from 5% to 10%. This is a lucrative opportunity for investors to buy high-end condominiums in the rental.
Vinhomes apartment project in Newport, rental apartments Vinhomes Central Park currently at $ 600-2500 / month for 1- 4 bedroom apartments, depending the location, the view, the interior condition. In particular, at Riverside Military Port Landmark Tower project is developing a model "serviced apartment" with a commitment to return on 10% / year and 85% profit sharing from the policy owner handover standard interior full 5sao has attracted many investors aparthotel end of the year.
Second, the potential appreciation of luxury real estate. The notion "most metal Turkey" and ensure the value of assets has the potential future price increases that tend to buy real estate for rent medium becomes popular.
Surveys in many real estate exchanges, showed housing prices in 2015 increased by 15-20% compared to last year. Recently, at market research report 3/2016 quarter of CBRE shows that the price of the project are open for sale from the previous quarter increased by an average of 2%, intermediate segment and the average premium increase respectively 6% and 8%.
In the coming years, according to forecasts of major institutions such as Boston Consulting Group and Nielson middle class in Vietnam can account for half the population, Vietnam is open to foreigners buying houses each year to 22% of remittances (about 12 billion US dollars) poured into the property ... this is the huge demand that gender experts, will be the driving force for the development of the premium segment.
In a separate incident, according to the analysis of real estate investment opportunities in the next 5 years, to answer the question where to invest? Nguyen Nam Son said that let's look at Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila today. Each m2 apartment in Bangkok about 4.500 to 8000 dollars, Jakarta and Manila is 3.000 to 4.000 dollars, while in Hanoi or HCMC is approximately 1.600 to 2000 dollars. And in the next 5 years, per capita GDP in the second largest city in Vietnam is equivalent Jakarta and Manila today and the next 10 years is equivalent Bangkok.
Thus, we can see potential for middle and higher real estate prices are relatively large geographical balance when people's income will increase in the coming years. Tend to buy luxury real estate for rent middle profitability forecasted vibrant