Apartment for rent in Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son

Apartment for rent at Vinhmore Golden Riverside. New projects, and high level. Fully furnished apartment, designed extremely luxurious such as table, chair, refrigerator, washing machine, ...
Utility for residents and tenants Vinhomes apartment:
- Car basement (including basement motor B1, automobile B2, B3).
- Outdoor swimming pool and greenery in apartment blocks, sauna (free).
- Commercial premises under the apartment buildings of Vinhomes.
- Saigon Riverside Park with 5-star marina is a highlight.
- Gym (free).
- Luxurious lounge lounge (5-star luxury guest lounge).
- Community house.
- Outdoor playground system (mini soccer field, tennis court, basketball court) (free of charge).
- Security and surveillance camera system 24/7.
- The riverbank is 14 hectares wide. The river is 14 hectares wide.