Apartment for rent in Estella

Day post: 28-10-2017
Estella has attracted the most rental customers in the region since 2015. Estella rent for a month is about 800 USD - 1200 USD for a basic furnished apartment and if the apartment is fully equipped furniture costs 900 USD to 1600 USD.
It is no coincidence that Estella apartments are so popular, investors and consumers are relying on five criteria of the apartment:
+ Energy efficiency
+ Effective use of water
+ Project Management and Development / Location (Operations and Construction Management for existing buildings)
+ The quality of the interior of the building is good and the environment is good
+ Innovative
For that reason Estella is the first project in Vietnam to receive the Gold Standard Award of the Singapore Building Administration (BCA).
Estella apartment is surrounded by a secluded, secure 24/24 community, each apartment is designed to have a beautiful balcony overlooking the outside. In the first phase of the project, eight apartment blocks with a height of 20-25 floors will be built. Each block is arranged 2 lifts with the number of apartments on one floor from 4 to 5 units.
The Estella is currently undergoing a second phase, which focuses on fully equipped with well-known equipment for the design and functionality of the apartment. Investing in Estella rental apartments will definitely bring you more profit. The Estella Phase 2 project targets the high-income market segment and meets the growing demand for fully-fledged residential properties, also known as Estella Height Apartments. The design is impressive from 100 m2 to 260 m2.
At present, the price of apartments in Estella is summarized as follows:
Estella 1 bedroom (60m2): from 15 million to 20 million / month.
Estella 2 bedroom apartment (area 86m2, 96m2): price from 17 million to 25 million / month.
Estella 2 bedroom apartment (area 104m2): price from 22 million to 30 million / month.
Estella three-bedroom apartment (125m2, 130m2, 150m): from 25 million to 40 million per month.
Estella 4 bedroom apartment (area: 171m2-179m2): price from 40 million to 45 million / month.
Apartment Penthouse: area 225n2 - 252m2: price from 56 million to 74 million / month
Apartment penthouse: area 253 m2: price from 60 million to 80 million / month.
The details of the apartments being leased are as follows:
Apartment Estella 98m2, 2 bedrooms, basic furniture: 800 $ / month
Apartment Estella 98m2, 2 bedrooms,, furniture: $ 1000 per month
Apartment Estella 124m2, 2 bedrooms, 1 entertainment room, pool view, basic furniture: 900 $ / month
Estella apartment 124m2, 11th floor, 2 bedrooms, park view, luxury furniture: 1200 $ / month
Apartment Estella 148m2, 19th floor, 3 bedrooms, pool view, basic furniture: 1200 $ / month
Apartment Estella 148m2, 8th floor, 3 bedrooms, city view, luxury furniture: 1500 $ / month
Estella apartment: 171m2, 12th floor, 3 bedrooms, river view, luxury furniture: 1600 $ / month
If you have a need to rent an apartment in Estella, call me and you only need to quote the same price you are willing to rent, we will find the best and most suitable apartments for you to fully free.

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