Apartment 9 View in Ho Chi Minh

Day post: 05-01-2017
Apartment 9 View flourishing within the overall planning of the system of District 9 with the most modern traffic. Shorten travel times associated with the utility services in the region. Pledged to bring your family to enjoy a life of endless
Project title: 9 View Apartment
Tagline: "New life dynamism"
Location: Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9
Land area: 12,627 m2
Building density: 40%
Number of blocks: 3 blocks
Floor: 18 floors
Number of apartments: 690 units
Size: 58.1 m2 - 86.98m2
The police line project
Tang Nhon Phu Street with planning road about 30 meters, width of about 15 meters now, with 2 lanes.
The project approach mainly:
User 1: Binh Thai crossroads - Do Xuan Hop street - 61 straight road project.
2nd direction: Binh Thai crossroads - Do Xuan Hop street - Tang Nhon Phu Street from the west to the project.
3rd direction: Route Hanoi - Tay Hoa - Tang Nhon Phu Street from the west to the project.
Prime location
Location in the heart of District 9, even high-end complex, modern, planned and completed sync.
From 9 View Apartment easily access main routes: Hanoi Highway, Belt 2, Family you can move to the neighborhood quickly: District 2 (9 minutes), Phu My Center Hung (15 minutes), the center of District 1 (20 minutes), ...
Private gate leads from the Tang Nhon Phu led to the project, create the tranquility and security
Adjacent to the complex's utility: daycare 3 floors, 6-storey commercial center
Additional facilities such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals, high-tech zone ...