HaDo Centrosa Garden in Ho Chi Minh City

Day post: 19-03-2017

The HaDo Centrosa Garden complex is a combination of luxury apartments and interiors located amidst a green space and is designed with tree-top gardens.

The total scale of the project is 6.85 hectares with 8 towers built 30 floors and 115 adjacent apartments are built from 4-5 floors. The eight towers are divided into three zones: IRIS1, IRIS2, IRIS3, IRIS4; ORCHID1, ORCHID2; JASMINE1, JASMINE2.

The functional subdivision also has a trade center; Schools; International clinics, sports center. Especially, interlaced between the towers is the combination of green space - clean - natural with 21 unique gardens such as:

1 Central Garden: shady trees, exercise area with adult equipment, children's play area.
1 Free garden: combine walking street, shopping and kindergarten on the ground floor of the high rise.
3 Roof garden: integrated with large swimming pool, gym, library, relaxation, BBQ area etc. for residents living in high-end apartments.
8 Hanging Gardens: Located at the corner of the tower, this gives the space for a completely different experience for the residents of the apartment: the Royal Family, the Encyclopedia, the Statue, the Statue. Candidates, Candidates, Fellows, Attendants.
8 Sky gardent: Placed on the top of each tower forming a view of every aspect of the beautiful city center.

Below are the locations of some of the typical eight apartments listed above

1. Tower ORCHIND1
2. Tower ORCHIND2

3. Tower JASMINE1


4. Tower JASMINE2

5. Tower IRIS4